As a member, we offer you further education events, symposia and seminars on the one hand, and a research tool for technical innovations, standards and current focal points of work on the other. The range of services is subject to constant expansion with the integration of new findings.

We create training documents and develop curricula for training on medical devices.

Any legally competent natural or legal person who is suitable on the basis of his or her qualifications can become a member of the association. Qualification is considered to be, for example, a specialist in surgery, trauma surgery or orthopaedics or another completed scientific study or otherwise acquired knowledge which is suitable to make a contribution.

A company that is active or wishes to become active in the field of fracture care, biomechanics, biomechatronics or related fields can also become a member. An annual fee is charged for corporate membership.

If you are interested in a membership you can get in contact with us.