About us

A group of orthopedic surgeons, engineers and other scientists have established the organization named awiso®, a working group on locked osteosynthesis

Angular stable – or locked – fittings of osteosynthesis implants (plates and nails) and the anchoring of endoprosthesis are gained by means of form, force and material. The construction principle of a locked osteosynthesis can often be found in nature and gaines its advantages by the broad transmission of forces. Force overload – as it is often found in the punctual force transmission of regular implants – can be minimized.

A locked osteosynthesis shows no shift between any of its components under force. By that, it is possible to construct a stable osteosynthesis with no adhesive friction forces between plate and bone. Since more than 20 years, this principle is used for spinal implants since more than 15 years also in internal fixator systems. This lead to a clear improvement in clinical results.