A warm welcome at the Institut für Frakturversorgung und Biomechatronik e.V.

We are a scientific association that aims to support research and development projects for the benefit of sustainable improved treatment of bone fractures and joint injuries.

The focus is on clinical, biomechanical and biomechatronic research areas as well as continuing education in the field.

All professionals involved in the design and use of stable-angle implants are invited to attend. Manufacturers of implants are also invited to participate!

Our Board of Directors:

  • Prof. Dr. med.
  • Arndt-Peter Schulz
  • 1st Chairman
  • Prof. Dr. med. Arndt-Peter Schulz
  • Prof. Dr.
  • Felix Capanni
  • 2nd Chairman
  • Prof. Dr. Felix Capanni
  • Dr.-Ing.
  • Robert Wendlandt
  • General secretary
  • Dr.-Ing. Robert Wendlandt